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Heat Exchanger

Technical description

The ALP-HEM- 006 Heat exchanger is specifically designed to cool down synth gas with clean water.

This Heat exchanger can be used in the food, oil and pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, it can effectively be used for big applications such as energy generation an preheating systems for power plants by connecting a few of these together in parallel or serial connection. It can be used to heat water with steam.

Alp supplies various inlet and outlet adaptors for different applications. The standard package includes: 2 ferrule to barb hose adapters, 1 ferrule to BSPT, 1 blank and 2 concentric reducers from 6 inches to 2 inches.

Material: Stainless Steel 316L

Data table

Model ALP-HEM-006
Fluid allocation Shell side Tube side
Synth gas / Water vapour Water
Tube Inflow - Outflow Tube Diameter mm 152.4
in 6"
Shell Inflow - Outflow Tube Diameter mm 38.1
in 1.5"
Material - 316SSL
Max pressure bar 7


The ALP-HEM-006 allows multiple configurations, buy using standard ferrules it can be connected in series or in parallel to increase the surface and its capabilities.

Sample Applications 


Pharmaceutical Industry

food procesing.jpg

Food processing

power platn.jpg

Power plants