Power BRIC is the world's lowest cost modular battery system for stationary energy storage up to 80kWh capacity level. Its smart protection system enables it to last longer than any other system with no compromise on performance and safety.

20 years complete system guarantee with no restrictions under agreed operating parameters. Lowest cost guarantee on a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) basis comparing to any battery energy storage system including lead acid type.

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Safety first

We consider that safety is the key. Power BRIC has the top of the line hardware and software protection and has undergone extensive safety testing. It is touch-safe with no exposed wires and has a storage and transport mode. Every cell has its own protection system and it is smart enough to detect failures inside each BRIC in any configuration.

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Modular and Scalable

Power BRIC has the potential to go beyond any battery system. It offers infinite configurations and you can connect together up to 50 units. All the power you need at your disposal. Just build your own configuration to power your devices with reliable and clean power.


EoL cells compatible

Power BRIC is designed to be able to work with new and EoL, End of Life, Li-ion cells. Giving a “second-life” to batteries provides you with a cheaper alternative and contributes to circular economy.


Smart and Connected

Your Power BRIC system can be accessed securely anytime, anywhere. Your Power BRIC can connect wirelessly to any Wifi network in order to control and monitor your system.


Easy Installation and Maintenance

Power BRIC is easy to install, use and maintain. We offer training for maintenance, remote assistance and cell failure detection. Maintenance takes less than 2 minutes and does not require specific qualifications.

Loads of Applications

Power BRIC modularity enables you to become energy independent by storing energy from your off-grid renewable energy generation system such as solar panels. You can then power anything, from charging your smartphone to power your lighting, entertainment, refrigeration and irrigation systems.


We teamed up with our partners in London, UK and Malawi to successfully test our Power BRIC system.

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