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ALP ATCS001019 Technical description

The ALP ATCS001019 Cyclone is specifically designed for separation of heavier particles within a liquid mixture or separate heavy liquid from a lighter one.

This cyclone can be used in the food industry, such as potatoes, corn starch, wheat and oil industry. Furthermore, it can effectively be used for separating metal parts from cooling liquid in the metal industry or removing sand and clay from water in construction sites.

Alp supplies various underflow outlet adaptor nozzles where a small outlet diameter nozzle can be implemented in cases of small particles or fluid separation and larger outlet diameter nozzle in cases where large particle separation is desired.

Similar to Alp’s ATCS001016 Cyclone it also connects to the process machinery via flexible hose or stainless steel pipework. The long reducer increases the solid/liquid separation time assuring efficient vortex separation of the solid particles or droplets. Unlike Alp’s

ATCS001016 Cyclone it allows the separation of a heavier liquid within the flow mixture, enabling only the desirable lighter liquid to flow downstream.

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